Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse

Ok now! Time for my delayed impression on Spiderman: into the Spider-Verse!
Finally watched this on Tuesday after going to the cinema twice XD (the first time we went, the tickets got sold out as we were still in the queue, so we went back the following week SOBS)

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TL;DR, I really LOVE Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse! Great setting, plot, development, character, animation, and humour! A++ delivery on everything! It really was worth going to cinema twice for this, highly recommended!

Lovely Reunion with Tennis

So hi, I guess? Irene is here to show her sporty(maybe?) side! >vo

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Tl;dr, be ready to see this Coolio Irene use her beautiful-and-strong racquet hitting homeruns starting this Sunday! XD
(Honestly tho, I hope my forehands and backhands are not that homerun even after not touching tennis for a looooong time *rolls around*)

Happy Birthday, Manager!

Hey ho!
It has been forever since I last posted eh? Work has been keeping me busy and I've been lazy to post too XD

So ya, update on my life: I've been doing well~ bounced and flew here and there to help my left, right, front and back coworkers at work -- typical life as an intern eh~ But all in all, I've been having a great time in my 4.5 half months of internship! I really LOVE my team!

Here's more happening at work, will put it under the cut~ as usual, another essay from Irene!

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It was a great day, and Manager looked happy too!
Once again, happy birthday, Manager! All the best on the year to come >v<~

Happy Anniversary, Grandpa and Grandma!

Has been ages since I last posted, but here I am! Back with my essay (not really tho, I'm kinda lazy tonight) XDD

Ok let the essay begin!
So, we went to Banff National Park in Calgary for Grandpa and Grandma's wedding anniversary (yay~)!
It was a nice park, yes, with TONS of and mostly lakes and mountains XD
Lots of different wild animals live there, one of which THAT WE ACTUALLY SAW was BLACK BEAR Yay~

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Happy anniversary, Grandpa and Grandma!
Hope you had fun hiking and gathering with us as much as we do!!!

Internship Starting Tomorrow


(Yes this is a post just to shout since I'm a lot more nervous than I thought I'd be LMAO XDD)

One Final Step

An update from this zombie girl who is regaining her human form little by little~
This is an uncensored version of my FB post (Yes, only showing my white side there XD)

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All left is the final boss, final exam!
Final mission to clear the stage and level up~
So yes, gotta prepare my weapons for the fight~ *add coolio pose here*
FIGHT-O!!! >o<)9

Balancing Hardwork and Positivity, Expectation and Reality

So hi! This girl has finally gone through the continuous storm *^*)9
As I mentioned in my previous post (recall: "WHERE IS MY REFRESHING WEEKEND?!" catchphrase XD), my reading week was insanely busy as I have midterms on the Monday and Tuesday right after the week, assignment due on Wednesday, and case study on Thursday. BUT HERE I AM NOW! Surviving the week~

Has actually been planning to post this since Monday since I feel like it'd be great to spread the positivity, but my workload isn't decreasing much that I had to postpone the post till the end of the week~
So here it is!

It's positive, I ensure you, but it's long. So I'll still put it under the cut :3

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All these experience during the past 2 weeks have led me to this post's title: Balancing Hardwork and Positivity, Expectation and Reality
Why did I say balancing hardwork and positivity?
If you only work hard yet never acknowledge the work you've done, you'll end up in endless negativity spiral. However, if you are consent on doing things without fighting hard on it, you'll never be successful.
Why did I say balancing expectation and reality?
The only authentic parameter to judge the fruit of your hardwork is reality. You can set your expectation as high as the sky. But at the end of the day, judgement will be made based on reality. Therefore, if you ever thought "I think I can do this" yet was unable to realize that despite working hard, never let that bring you down! No hardwork is fruitless. If you work hard enough, even coincidental discovery of anything will be your ally.

As cliche as it may sound, these are what I feel that I've gained from the past 2 weeks, and I believe that having this mindset will help me be a better person :3

Kk Irene, otsukare for overcoming this storm!

Calm Between Storms

Hi ho~
First of all: Happy (belated) Lunar New Year!!

Yes, I haven't posted anything for pretty much ages? Jk jk, not that long~
The last 2 weeks have been crazy; literally everything is just due on Wed and Thurs -- meet this eternal procrastinator who ended up working harder than she usually does last Mon to Thurs XDD
I even had to listen to my ipod in super high volume while working to prevent me from having unnecessary negative thoughts so I can focus working (probably thanks to that, my earphone become half-dead: the right side is not working LOL)
That said: it's finally READING WEEK next week YAY!

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Kk Irene will do her best! Stay motivation and go all out >o<)9

Warmth in a Cold Day

Ok, not planning to make it sound cheesy, today literally was really cold!
Like the wind is reaaaaaaally strong!!!

But you see, lots of great stuffs happened today, so here they are!

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I received soooooo much warmth despite the cold weather today!
Gonna close my night by watching 99.9 Keiji Senmon Bengoshi Season II episode 1~
And maybe some other Arashi/Arslan Senki stuffs!!
Thank you to everyone for thinking of me and making my day felt sooooo special!!!

First Pre-timed Arashi Video Released

Ok so! I was learning about timing during the break.
I got to pretime 3 (well, 2.5 actually) files during the break and my first one was released last night! >v<
It makes me happy that what I did was actually useful!

Thank you to fanitha for requesting and giving me the chance to pretime the file and to sub_sub_gakkou for all the subbing tutorial videos!
If you haven't heard of it yet, sub_sub_gakkou is a really great community for people to learn about subbing!
It may sounds really Arashi-ish when you walk in there, but it's really not limited to Arashi!
Definitely check it out if you want to know more about subbing :3

Anyway! I'm so happy right now! Thank you~ >v<~