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Warmth in a Cold Day

Ok, not planning to make it sound cheesy, today literally was really cold!
Like the wind is reaaaaaaally strong!!!

But you see, lots of great stuffs happened today, so here they are!

The first great thing was our case study!
I can't remember if I mentioned how my partner and I were so skeptical about our case study models.
We had 2 models:
- A dumb model, which is literally looking into the table values instead of creating a mathematical model
- A sophisticated model, where we formulated an actual mathematical model yet the model failed

When we submitted the analysis yesterday, we were like "Ah whatever, our model won't work but whatever". And guess what? Today we discussed the solution and what we called the "dumb" solution is actually the correct one LOL

Moving on, after class, my Arashian friend gave me this! It's a VSA episode aired on Aug 3rd, 2017, the one against the soccer team! I've watched it but having a real CD on hand still feels really nice! And what made me really happy is when she said "Happy birthday, though it is tomorrow. But tomorrow is Saturday so I won't see you. So here it is!" >v<
Awww, thank you, Kimiko!!

Moving on, my friend and I went for a lunch! We initially was only planning to get ice cream, but since we both haven't had lunch and my friend has been craving for ramen (though yes, I also LOVE ramen XD), we decided to get a lunch before the ice cream! So here it is, ramen + gyoza for lunch and ice cream for dessert! The ramen place and ice cream place are only a few blocks away btw, so it's also perfect!

Finishing our ice cream, my friend gave me a cheese tart! It's a surprise cake for my birthday!!! It was really cheesy and tasty!!! Like there's a layer of orange jam, under it was some fluffy cheese, and around it was a tart! Really tasty! Thank you so much for accompanying me for my birthday meal and even got me a cake! >v<

Afterwards, I went to a mall to see if I have any idea on what to use my gift card for. But yes, as usual, I suck at buying things for myself and ended up not buying anything LOL gift card stays unused, I give up XDD

That's all my adventure and surprises today!

I received soooooo much warmth despite the cold weather today!
Gonna close my night by watching 99.9 Keiji Senmon Bengoshi Season II episode 1~
And maybe some other Arashi/Arslan Senki stuffs!!
Thank you to everyone for thinking of me and making my day felt sooooo special!!!
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