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Calm Between Storms

Hi ho~
First of all: Happy (belated) Lunar New Year!!

Yes, I haven't posted anything for pretty much ages? Jk jk, not that long~
The last 2 weeks have been crazy; literally everything is just due on Wed and Thurs -- meet this eternal procrastinator who ended up working harder than she usually does last Mon to Thurs XDD
I even had to listen to my ipod in super high volume while working to prevent me from having unnecessary negative thoughts so I can focus working (probably thanks to that, my earphone become half-dead: the right side is not working LOL)
That said: it's finally READING WEEK next week YAY!

Well I did say reading week.
Reading week = a week of break, initially meant to catch up with whatever SKULE stuff we're behind in.
Up to this year however, never once have I used my whole reading week to study, probably because the midterms are usually before the week itself. But this year is completely different: I have TONS to catch up with, not to mention that I have 4/5 midterms right after reading week + 2 projects + 1 assignment to work on LOL

It's just the nature of this, idk, expert procrastinator(?), to not study much before midterm, leaving her with LOTS to review just for the midterm. I always go to lecture and I pretty much understand the content of the lecture. But you see, there's NO WAY you would be good at something without practice, and that's me. So yes, I will not count attending lecture as a part of review and yes, I have TONS to prepare during the reading week *oops*

I usually set my first weekend aside for refreshment, but here I am, Saturday before reading week, having to clean up the dataset that we plan to use for our project since we're meeting on Monday LOL
Internally screams: Where's my refreshing weekeeeeeeend?!?!? XDD
But well, it's better to have a head start and preferably, finish the project before things get hectic at late March~

If I set aside a day for each subject, this is how the breakdown might look like:
- Sat & Sun: data cleaning + new year gathering (and maybe help with subbing stuffs *finger crossed*)
- Mon: group meeting
- Tues: finish MIE364 assignment
- Wed: do internship-related stuffs (and maybe help with subbing stuffs *finger crossed*)
- Thurs: go to campus for MIE364 Prof's office hour if there's any question about the assignment/midterm material
- Fri: study Algorithm
- Sat: review everything for JRE300 midterm
- Sun: weekly case study prep + study JRE300 for midterm on Monday
Onca again, internally screams: Where's my refreshing weekeeeeeeend?!?!? XDD

But well, if I managed to do everything just as I scheduled, that'd be the best case scenario!
And after experiencing a stressful week right before reading week, I guess this is a motivation to make the most out of my reading week~

Kk Irene will do her best! Stay motivation and go all out >o<)9
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