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One Final Step

An update from this zombie girl who is regaining her human form little by little~
This is an uncensored version of my FB post (Yes, only showing my white side there XD)

OK so!
Officially submitted our last report of the semester!

Honestly, these 2 months have been the busiest I've ever been in my whole school life. Like, midterms before reading week, a reading week spent fully on projects (only took one full day off in the middle of reading week because I. WAS. JUST. SO. DONE. WITH. EVERYTHING.), and more midterms after reading week? Free time, where? Recall catchphrase: WHERE IS MY REFRESHING WEEKEND?!?!?
(Note: Since some people misunderstood: reading week is simply a one-week holiday in the middle of the semester, simply meant for us to catch up if we fall behind, or prepare for upcoming stuffs)

2 major projects post reading week, weekly case study, monthly quizzes, assignments. Numerous submissions literally 5 mins before deadline, staying at SKULE till past midnight, and the fact that there was no room to relax is just so mentally exhausting. I still sleep, but there were times where I felt so tired of everything, literally playing my ipod on high volume while singing pretty loudly while walking home every single night. Yes, sometimes I even walked slower on crowded streets just so I can sing(shout) more~
Honestly, this is the very first time I've ever felt so done, so mentally tired that the thought of "I don't even want to do this anymore" was there almost every. single. day.

Despite all the thoughts though, my individual assessment marks have been surprisingly great, even when I thought I messed up so badly. This is what they say "hard work will never lie", if you work hard enough, coincidence will simply approach you and provide you with all the luck of the world you'd ever needed XD

But yes, it's all done now!
And it honestly has been a while since I last posted something that's not private I guess? XD
Kinda miss it XDD

All left is the final boss, final exam!
Final mission to clear the stage and level up~
So yes, gotta prepare my weapons for the fight~ *add coolio pose here*
FIGHT-O!!! >o<)9
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