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Happy Anniversary, Grandpa and Grandma!

Has been ages since I last posted, but here I am! Back with my essay (not really tho, I'm kinda lazy tonight) XDD

Ok let the essay begin!
So, we went to Banff National Park in Calgary for Grandpa and Grandma's wedding anniversary (yay~)!
It was a nice park, yes, with TONS of and mostly lakes and mountains XD
Lots of different wild animals live there, one of which THAT WE ACTUALLY SAW was BLACK BEAR Yay~

So yes! We did saw TWO black bears! Both are cubs actually and we saw them from the car (WELL YA OF COURSE LOL)! So glad that we didn't see it when we hiked XDD

Another wildlife we saw was chipmunks!! They are adorable and are surprisingly not afraid of human??? They asked us for food LOL

We were lucky enough to be able to spot TWO mountain goats!!! I have a video of them walking around, but am too lazy to figure out if I can post a video here, so here is just a cute picture of them! Lmk if you can't spot them though, I'll show you the video!

Didn't get to see a lynx, but this lynx picture looks so funny to me: it looks so done and uninterested with its droopy eyes LOL So yes, gotta share this picture XDD

Last but not least, as I mentioned in my intro, I LOVE wolves. Guess what??? I SAW A WOLF(wood figure) LMAO SOBS I really want to see want so badly SOBS But oh well, this works for now XD

Ok about Banff itself now, nothing much tbh, but this one lake is AWESOME! It's Lake Moraine! Look at that clear water, perfectly reflecting the mountain figures!!!

Yes, that's it. That's all I have to say about the nature itself LMAO

Other than hiking and stuffs, we also have a cousin-bonding! Josh, Wie, May, and I played Arcana Shipwreck! It was a fun and chill games, and we tried to make the game more challenging too! It was fun!

Also! We went to Banff at Canada Day and we saw one doggo dressing all Canada on Downtown Banff!!! Look at this cute girl!! So adorable!!!

Talk about dogs, what was our little Brie doing when we were away?
We entrusted Watson (Aunt's friend's dog) to guard her and Aunt's friend sent us this picture on our 2nd day with caption: Temperature in Mississauga = 40 Celsius

That's all about it, I guess? XD

Happy anniversary, Grandpa and Grandma!
Hope you had fun hiking and gathering with us as much as we do!!!
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