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Happy Birthday, Manager!

Hey ho!
It has been forever since I last posted eh? Work has been keeping me busy and I've been lazy to post too XD

So ya, update on my life: I've been doing well~ bounced and flew here and there to help my left, right, front and back coworkers at work -- typical life as an intern eh~ But all in all, I've been having a great time in my 4.5 half months of internship! I really LOVE my team!

Here's more happening at work, will put it under the cut~ as usual, another essay from Irene!

Am too lazy to summarize all my 4 months here, so let me give you some info enough to get a gist of my workplace~

I work with a team of 7 + manager. My team is known to be the noisiest because we all almost always have lunch together, all the 7 of us in a round table that's designed for 4 people - Yes, a roundtable lunch conference~
Being an intern, I mostly assist my coworkers + manager. Which is why I mentioned in the beginning that I'm literally bouncing and flying around from one project to another~ but all my coworkers have been really sweet and supportive! They're like "It's ok to make mistake as long as you learn from it and not make the same mistake". I REALLY LOVE MY TEAM!

Now the tasty part! We usually go out for lunch together on Fridays, and so we did today. During our lunch, one of my coworker said "Isn't it Manager's birthday around this time?". We weren't sure of the exact date (since apparently Manager deleted his Facebook LOL) but we know that it's between today or next Monday. So we started talking about what to get him. Birthday Surprise Operation commenced!

A background about Manager: works out at least twice a week, pays LOTS of attention to the calories of what he eats (including only eating one yolk from the two eggs he brought), and I guess that's more than enough to describe why we didn't get him cake XD

We decided to get him tea, the matcha that he likes. One coworker remembered that there's a tea shop on the building next door, so we went there. Guess what? It's gone LOL We then decided to get him a matcha latte from Starbucks. One of our team member is gluten free and vegan, so we asked the cashier if they have anything they'd recommend us. "There's a coffee with banana, almond milk and protein powder, sweeten with [something that's not sugar, I forgot what it's called, my bad XD]", said the cashier. "Please change all our orders into that", said my coworker rightaway XD

Done with the order, we walked back up to our office. Guess what? MANAGER WASN'T THERE! My coworker then went to text him, asking when he'd be at the office as she has something to discuss with him. No reply. We all then went back to our desk and put the drinks in the freezer - thinking that we'd probably do the surprise this coming Monday. 15mins later, Manager was back at office!

Birthday Surprise Operation resumed! I'm pretty sure that we decided that we all would be in the 'surprise room' (technically a meeting room but ya XD) before he came into the room, but somehow... everyone stayed in the pod? Eh? Hmm confused Irene here~

Manager then said that he wanted to grab water. Another unexpected action, and there were us, busy rearranging our plan B LOL Manager and one of my coworker then entered the surprise room with my coworker trying to converse with Manager about a project. And there were us, deciding on when to enter the room. One coworker then ran to grab the drinks and came back surprised because he couldn't find the drink. Apparently, another coworker had grabbed the drink and put it elsewhere - on a table near my desk XDD With this and that, all the sudden change of plan, we finally entered the room with the coffee and YES! Manager looked surprised (or maybe confused because his 'meeting' was interrupted? XD)! So yes, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED(?) XDD

We then talked about his birthday plan and so on. APPARENTLY, he forgot to bring his phone today! That's why he didn't reply eh? XD Then a surprising fact was revealed - Manager's sentences, rephrased: "I saw you guys going out together, but it was around lunch time, so I guess you were having lunch together." We nodded here, then he continued: "Then I saw you guys at Starbucks after lunch, and my thought was that 'Ah these guys probably went to get coffee together'" And we laughed hard at this one XD So he actually saw us at where we got him his present eh? Glad that we went with coffee instead of cupcakes/cakes, otherwise it won't be a surprise anymore XDD

So ya, that's all on the birthday surprise! Here's a picture of the coffee we got~ can't even remember what it's called, but it truly fits Manager's criteria eh? XD

It was a great day, and Manager looked happy too!
Once again, happy birthday, Manager! All the best on the year to come >v<~
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