Fragments of Small Happiness

Irene is back with her not-long-but-not-short essay this time~ (well might still be considered long, but if you compare this with my other posts, I'd say that this is short XDD)
It's a compilation the storm and rainbow of this week :3

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It has been a great day and I got to meet sooooo many kind people today :3
Today is a great day!! >v<~

New Year, New Me~

So...happy belated new year, I guess? XD

I was enjoying my break so much that I forgot Nah, I was too lazy to write a Christmas, New Year, and last day of break / first day of SKULE post XD

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So ya! Irene will do her best this semester too! >o<)9
"With the strength to not lose to yourself, you can break through any wall"

Yamada Tarou Monogatari

This is the 2nd drama I've finished this break (Well, 3rd if you count SakiBoku but I don't count that in as I watched SakiBoku ongoing-ly~)

I honestly didn't expect much at first: I was just interested seeing more than 1 Arashi members + Tabe Mikako in a drama and also because the theme seemed cheerful, like I need something to heal my heart after watching Maou LOL
So ya, I went with YamaTaro and guess what, I couldn't stop watching and finished 9/10 episodes in one day (I really could've finished them in one day had my internet not lag, like it took me hours to finish episode 1 XD).t

Not going to mislead you, it really is a cheerful drama. But aside from cheerful, it also has a really simple-yet-sweet plot, which I didn't expect. Furthermore, all the characters are really well-written and each has a characteristic unique to themselves.

It really is a great drama that made me both laugh and cry, honestly!

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Yamada Tarou Monogatari really exceeded my expectation. Not a typical school drama that simply revolves around school and mostly romance, YamaTaro carries a lot of simple-yet-deep life lessons:
1. Communication is important, whether it's with friends or family.
2. No matter how hard the life is, as long as you're working to make those whom you care for happy, the hard work will pay off.
3. Taken from The Yamada's Rules, combined together: even small things can make you smile as long as you can see the value in it.

Ya honestly, I didn't expect myself to cry watching this drama, but the family parts really touched my heart that I actually cried XDD
In nutshell, Yamada Tarou Monogatari is a great drama!


Just finished Maou, a drama starring Ohno Satoshi aka Arashi's Riida~ >v<

Meet this girl and her gold(fish) memory: she has seen Ikuta Toma a lot on VS Arashi lately yet still couldn't recognize that one of the lead actor in this drama is him XD

Back to Maou, it's a great drama with excellent pacing and neat delivery imo!
The main premise is revenge, and as you might've expected, there's NO WAY a revenge-themed drama will be happy and fluffy, so don't expect that. That said, despite all the tears I shed watching Maou, I really think that they chose the best possible ending.

I couldn't find a way to write this post with little spoiler, as the greatness of this drama is pictured by the way each and every single mystery is revealed. So yes, this post will contain more spoilers than my usual ones :3

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TL;DR, Maou is a GREAT drama! It has great premise and plot with excellent pacing, including the flashbacks! They incorporated the flashbacks between the cases that it doesn't feel like you're purposely being dragged back the timeline at all! It has a really great delivery!

If you're looking for a plot-oriented drama and are ready to cry, Maou is a great choice!

Saki ni Umareta Dake no Boku

Just finished the drama last night~
However, it was so late that I feel like I can't choose the optimal screenshot and summary to get my point across, so I decided to write this the next morning :3

It really is a good educational drama! I highly recommend it!!

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This drama has taught me a lot every single episode. I also post this on Menimi's comment, but it's really some important lesson to get:
- It reminds me that it's ok to be yourself and work on your own pace, it's ok to be different, and it's ok to lack some skill.
No one is perfect, but that's why people learn and work hard. No effort will die in vain so long as you put your whole heart on what you do. This really is simple and obvious, yet sometimes failure makes us forget.

- Communication is really important.
Narumi could get his point to the students and teachers because he spoke his mind and faced them head-on, and on the other hand, his lack of communication with Matsubara, his fiance, caused a lot of problems.
I personally can't blame Narumi for anything at all, seeing him is like seeing a reflection of myself: I'm also a type who got absorbed in work and pretty slow at realizing how people feel, which is why I'd really appreciate people telling me if I did something that makes them uneasy. And I think Narumi feels the same in that aspect. So ya, not saying that he's not wrong, but I definitely have no right to blame him XD
And this drama kinda warns me about the problems my current self can bring had I not communicate well XD

- Quoting Narumi: "Your life won't go as you plan, it definitely won't. People form themselves as they hit the barriers, considering their worries, and by overcoming those walls, we gain confidence. The worst thing is to do nothing. Chances won't come to those who do nothing. The same happens on soccer, no? Only those who run will get the pass."

TL;DR, it really is a great educational drama. If you're expecting yourself to see a classic ordinary school drama, you won't find it here!
Also, if you want to see LOTS of Sakurai Sho + food scene, this is a perfect drama for you! XDD

Freedom, Finally!

Ok so, finally, FREEDOM!
Just finished my finals today! FINALLY FREEDOM (for 2 weeks) XDD
I have a (long) list of dramas and animes I want to watch, but we'll see how far I can go in these precious 14 days!

That said! My friends and I kinda "celebrated" our first day of freedom!! Our exciting journey is all under the cut :3

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And ya! Since I finally get my break, I'll use this moment to relax and enjoy myself as much as I can!
Also, I'm interested to learn about pre-timing/timing on subbing, so will definitely grab the skill during this break!

Happy holiday!~

New Display Picture

Ok so, I’m changing my display picture~
It’s Kobayashi Rindou (aka Rindou-senpai) from Shokugeki no Soma!

My picture changed but don’t worry, I’m still the same Irene as always: still an 嵐, anime/manga, and wolf/dog fangirl!

I changed it because lately my SKULE friends has been trying to find my Twitter. I used to use the same picture for all my social media accounts (FB, Twitter, LJ, and DW). If they found irene_purin on their search and saw the same Makkachin (the dog) used as the display picture, it’ll immediately tell them that irene_purin is me XD

Not sure if they’ll really look for my online account and not sure if this will work, but better than doing nothing~ and since I'm changing it for my Twitter, I think it'll be nice if all my irene_purin accounts has the same picture, so I changed it for my LJ and DW too :3

So here you go! Rindou-senpai as Irene's new display picture XD

Hard Work Never Lies

The last weeks have been really hectic, but everything ends smoothly!
Another essay post by Irene LOL XD

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There definitely are hard moments in life that sometimes you just want to run away. But life goes on whether or not you're ready to face it. Failure happens, it's inevitable. But what's important is to learn from it and get back up again.

No matter what happens, what's important is giving your best on everything you do.
Once you give enough effort, it will surely pay off :3
Hard work never lies

Himitsu no Arashi-chan 2010.07.15, 2010.08.26

So! I kinda marathoned some Himitsu no Arashi-chan episodes today~ was actually planning to watch 2012.03.25 too (not sure about the date since some source said that it's 2012.03.22, but it's the 5th Himitsu no Arashi-chan's anniversary!) but I couldn't find the subbed one, so haven't watched it yet >^<
Please do let me know if anyone knows where to find it! THANKS!

Anyway, since there are 2 different episodes, I'll split the post into 2 cuts~

First, my fave: Himitsu no Arashi-chan 2010.08.26
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Next: Himitsu no Arashi-chan 2010.07.15
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Honestly, I really recommend everyone to watch these, especially the Mannequin 5 one! IT'S HONESTLY ADORABLE!

It's Time for Bubble Tea!

It's finally Friday! Woohoo!
And what's more: IT'S LONG WEEKEND! Monday is Thanksgiving, which means, HOLIDAY! YES!
It has been a hellish week but IT'S OVER! (Well, a more hellish week is coming in 2 weeks as almost ALL midterms are scheduled for that week x_x)

Here's what happened this week, under the cut!
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It has been a tough week, but it's all good~